Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tuesday. Our 11:30 am check-in. Everyone looks serious. That's because we just got news that yesterday was the biggest day for sales bookings we've ever had. Plus this morning we were on the Today show. Matt Lauer ate a palmier and the camera made love to our over the moon pie. That means all kinds of capacity issues to think about. Do we have enough people? Enough boxes? Enough moon pies? The answers were Yes, It Depends, and No. Betty said, "Find me two more hours in the day and I can ship anything."

Biggest day ever. This shot is from Monday night before today's meeting. It was two hours and ten minutes till midnight and we were $32K away from our forecast. We ended up missing forecast by just $1K, coming in at $281K.  As I write it's Tuesday, an hour and a half till midnight. We're already at $276K. Welcome to the new biggest day ever.

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