Sunday, December 19, 2010

French Roasting

Sunday. We placed a large order for French Roast coffee today. I took a few pictures of Asa roasting it  this afternoon in the Coffee Co's red roaster. French Roast is our darkest roasted coffee,  cooking the longest at the highest heat.

When he opened the chute blue smoke came out and it crackled as it poured.
He said, "It's practically on fire."

The freshly roasted beans are "stirred" by these arms while a fan sucks air through, cooling them rapidly.

Cooled, the coffee rains into large garbage-bin sized tubs where it's held till it's bagged.

Now in the bin. Just-roasted coffee does not smell like the lovely coffee we know.
It smells like carbon dioxide, which it's exhaling at a tremendous rate.
It takes a couple days for the aroma to appear.

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goaty said...

Did you know that Asa is an accomplished metalsmith and woodworker? If you get a chance to see his work, do it; it's beautiful.