Monday, May 12, 2008

Oprah & NPR, The Last Check In.

Answers to a couple questions people have asked:

Q: Does this data include or exclude Zingerman's folks looking at or using the site at work?
A: It includes them.

Q: How does this compare to other days?
A: I don't know. We just started getting this data Friday! (when we moved our website to our new host, IAS).

Q: Did the NPR visitors buy things?
A: I hope so, but I don't know. The problem is this: we often don't know where people come from when they shop online. There are only three ways we can tell.
1) We already have their address (then they usually come because of a mailing)
2) We gave them an offer and they needed a code to get the deal, or
3) They clicked through a Google Ad we bought.
If they didn't match one of these three we can't tell how they found us. It's a mystery.

Friday: 2,119
Saturday: 2,857
Sunday: 3,979
Monday so far: 3,227

45 lbs of BBQ Beef Brisket
119 Challah Buns
21 Pints of Beans
77 Pickles


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